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What is GRE international test?

A foreign general & competitive entrance exam named GRE is structured and conducted by ETS. The GRE® revised General Test is composed entirely for the premeditation of scanning students for admission in a graduation studies. Every 365 days a large number of candidates seek admission in different colleges and universities transversely United States of America. GRE Test inquire students for a definitive level of knowledge, which they speculate to have at the level of college studies. It is an admirable opportunity for those candidates who ever dream to study abroad for the betterment of their future.

Being an international studies candidate, Karachi-Pakistan will definitely be listed in somewhere, because there is a huge number of candidates apply for GRE test throughout Pakistan especially from Karachi. There are many centers who are offering GRE test preparation in Karachi. So before enrolling into any preparation institute you must need to know about some rules for appearing in this international exam, or it can also be explained to you from where you are taking preparation classes. It’s a mandatory rule for all the candidates that they have to use either a valid passport or a valid state issued SMART National Identity Card as their ID (Identification Documents). In absence of these required things, you will not be permissible for the Exams at the center. In case your passport does not have a valid signature then the candidate must accommodate with a supporting documents which includes, CNIC, Driver's license, Student ID or Letter of Identification from his/her last passed School. All the required documents should be original and must be without expiry.

Another mandatory thing is that the name you registered for test must matches the name displaying on your ID. Any name dissonance cause you to arrange any other valid Identification documents to fulfil their requirement. In short any possible scenario of mismatching ID’s with your registered name you will not allow to sit in exams.

Among all the best GRE preparation centers in karachi Nadeem Arain Academy is also offering competitive & target oriented score based preparation classes. It is one of the finest preparation center between all the famous GRE test preparation centers in karachi since 6 years till now. With reasonable & affordable fee structure Sir Nadeem is also offering GRE online classes for your convenience of location & city dependency. For registration and details please feel free to write at or call us 0333-2841680

All the test preparation materials for the GRE are included in the packages. Terrific tips & techniques help you to understand how you can earn the high score. All the pertinent materials, books & necessary documents for preparation will be provided, or you can ask on demand notes directly as well.

What is the best way to prepare for GRE?

Preparing for any international test, like GRE, always seems hard in the beginning. The feeling that it’s a global competition makes you think twice that do you really want to do this. Once you start studying with a good teacher, this feeling fades away gradually and confidence replaces it.

A common mistake people make is that they work on difficult part more than the easier one. You always win with your strong skills not by weaker ones. You have to be aware of your strong area. If it’s quantitative, work more on quantitative so that you can ace the score there. If you are happened to be good at verbal part, start acing yourself in that part so that you can get a higher score there. Of course, it doesn’t mean you stop worrying about your weak areas. It’s just that you need to ace yourself in at least one domain, quantitative or verbal.

Choosing right books and material has always been difficult. Don’t pile up a heap of books on your desk. That will distract you more than help you. Ask a friend or you had better ask your teacher about it. Though teachers provide you with their own books and study material, having an extra book or two is always good.

In quantitative section, avoid using calculator. It’s a trap. It uses more of your time than it helps. Try solving arithmetic exercises first. Brush up your calculation skills. Memorize school level algebraic identities and formulas, square numbers, cube numbers, square roots and certain decimal to fraction conversions. This will help you solving longer and more difficult word problems. You can also contact us at as we have some qualified teachers from one of the best faculty members who are offering gre test preparation in karachi.

In verbal section, start with reading comprehension and learning vocabulary. There are people who contradict me about learning vocabulary but when you have got just 2-3 month till your test day, you don’t have many options to increase your vocabulary. Start learning words, their usage, their collocations and connotations. Try making flash-cards of vocabulary words. Keep those cards close to you all the time so that you can have a revision whenever you feel like.

This is what we do here at Nadeem Arain Academy for the GRE test preparation in Karachi. We have dedicated instructors that work on you personally. Increase your abilities. Make you unlearn and then learn. Our students secure their desired scores. Give yourself a chance to ace at verbal and quantitative.

Work consistently. Stop worrying. Don’t panic. This is all you need to get a good score in GRE.