Math Focus GRE

We target a 160+ in GRE Quantitative.

What you get

25+ Hours of Personal On-campus Training

  • 42+ hours of Udemy course resources with a free coupon

  • All GRE Books including Manhattan 5 Pound and ETS Official guides

  • 10 Practice Tests & 6 Mock Tests

  • 4 Weeks course duration

Rs. 25,000

(All Inclusive)

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We provide the option for you to start the classes as per a date of your convenience with our personalized curriculum for you

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Schedule is flexible. Weekdays and weekends



How long do you need to prepare for the GRE?

A rough estimate for the duration of preparation of GRE is 150-200 hours or 3-4 months for that matter. There are many variables that change this estimate. Your basic caliber is the most important thing you take into account. If you are already good at solving basic arithmetic and algebra questions or you have been teaching part time for a while, you are already half way to take GRE quantitative section. Similarly,if you are a good reader and the last book you have read was a Dan Brown Da Vinci Code series, you must have built a very strong reading habit and a strong working in hand vocabulary.

On the contrary, if you haven’t worked on mathematics for a while or you haven’t been reading anything except your boring course books, you have to work a bit harder and of course longer, than the others need to.

Start working on the basic calculations. Brush up the addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, decimal calculation, algebraic identities and formulas and reading. Once you have undone the rusting and the clogging of basic calculations, you will feels comfortable with the rest of GRE’s strenuous journey.

The Revised GRE test score ranges from 260 to 340, with one score increment. Quantitative and verbal score separately range from 130 to 170 each. Two essays each is scored on a scale of 6 .

The GRE test preparation in Karachi by Nadeem Arain is an experience you will remember all your life. He makes you feel confident for this arduous mission. You don’t bother about having or not having a calculator. He gives his students certain tips that they are always able to solve a calculation no matter how hard it seems.

The key factor of our teaching is that you will enjoy learning useful tips & tricks. This is what he teaches you. This is how he makes you feels good about the calculation and vocabulary. You just stop worrying once you get accustomed to his techniques. You give your luck a chance when you get yourself registered with us we are one of the best organizations who are offering GRE preparation in Karachi.

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