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A Marathon Course where trainers work on you for 2-3 months to get your target score . You are the mission.

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  • All GRE books including ETS official guides and Manhattan 5 Pound book

  • 10 Practice Tests & Mock Tests

  • 8 Weeks course duration

Rs. 80,000

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GRE Test Preparation in Karachi?

You are on a higher frequency of your life when you are thinking about taking GRE. It’s an international entrance test so it’s a gateway to your successful life. Godspeed and welcome to an assiduous and the most experiencing journey of your lifetime.

GRE is one of the most engaging tests in the world. It tests the skills you have acquired throughout your life. It tests those algebra questions you solved in your secondary stages. It tests those arithmetic and calculation skills you acquired while adding and subtracting two decimal values. It also goes through daily life word problems which involve finding a discount on a pair of shoes in a mart or calculating the average age of three groups of students. And, for that matter, it checks how good you are at comprehending and translating words into a mathematical equation.

The verbal part of GRE is way different than all other tests in the world. It tests your vocabulary. Now, you can never be a walking dictionary, be native or non-native speaker. The words the GRE tests are those you have never even heard. Even if you have been through those words, you must have missed the secondary and tertiary meanings. It is generally believed that the verbal part of GRE is more difficult than the quantitative part. To some extent it’s true but then we have gotten certain strategies that help us overcoming that difficult part.

The Revised GRE test score ranges from 260 to 340, with one score increment. Quantitative and verbal score separately range from 130 to 170 each. Two essays each is scored on a scale of 6 .

The GRE test preparation in Karachi by Nadeem Arain is an experience you will remember all your life. He makes you feel confident for this arduous mission. You don’t bother about having or not having a calculator. He gives his students certain tips that they are always able to solve a calculation no matter how hard it seems.

You can write anytime to us at as we have set our name among the best organizations which are proudly known to be the best gre institutes in karachi. Nadeem Arain has been facilitating GRE preparation in Karachi for last 10 years. His students have achieved many milestones throughout his career.